October 23, 2016
LO member Mark Fisher of the Escarpment Company in Milton, Ont. was recognized in the Milton Canadian Champion in late June for his efforts in helping students at Sam Sherratt School to build an outdoor classroom.

Fisher, a graduate of the school, was recruited by another former graduate and friend, Brad Jenkins, whose class had made plans to construct the classroom.

Fisher gave the class some expert advice and even provided some plant material for the garden at a discount.

Jenkins and his class of eight students worked outside for many days in late June to construct the garden. With the help of a few other classes during the last few hours, they managed to complete the garden with just enough time left for a celebration on June 28 — the final day of the school year.

The celebration included the release of some butterflies the school had raised from caterpillar stage.

Funding for the outdoor classroom was provided from the Halton Learning Foundation in the amount of $5,000. The students in the class also helped in the application process for the grant.