December 14, 2021
Proven Winners to begin marketing houseplants 

Proven Winners to begin marketing houseplants

Proven Winners has announced a partnership with The Plant Company to begin marketing houseplants.

Proven Winners looked to The Plant Company due to their innovative selection of plant varieties as well as their new production facilities.

“The main goal for starting The Plant Company was to supply our customers with the best quality indoor house plants available and supply those consistently year-round,” said Jason van Wingerden, CEO of The Plant Company.  “When the opportunity arose to partner with Proven Winners, we quickly realized the similarities in beliefs for innovative genetics and consumer success. We are beyond thrilled to work with the Proven Winners brand and team in transforming the indoor house plant market in North America.”

For The Plant Company, the partnership will result in increased promotion of their houseplant product line through partnership with a recognized consumer brand. For Proven Winners, the partnership expands the brand with a year-round product and helps support its retail partners.

“The garden plant market, including annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs and trees, and caladiums, has been the strength of the Proven Winners brand,” said Dave Konsoer, director of sales for Proven Winners. “By bringing a strong and up and coming houseplant supplier into the Proven Winners family, consumers will be able to find top quality houseplants under a name they know and trust, resulting in an even stronger brand for retailers and consumers.”