August 3, 2010
Q. How do I get rid of grubs in my lawn?

A. Grubs are a natural part of any lawn and should only be treated if there are too many.
To measure whether or not you have grub problem, simply lift a one square foot section of sod with a spade. If more than 5 - 10 larvae are present, then you have a problem. The most effective way to control the grubs with with nematodes. It is best to apply them in late July to early August when the eggs are hatching and the grubs are immature. The nematodes, also known as Steinernema carpocapsae are a parasite of the grubs. They can be purchased at your local retail garden centre. A healthy lawn can support a few grubs per unit area and still survive. An unhealthy lawn will soon be destroyed by the grubs, particularly those of the European chafer beetle. The grub (the larvae of the beetle) feeds on the grass roots which kills the grass. Skunks, raccoons, starlings and even squirrels can dig up the area completely while feeding on the grubs. The good news is that they are reducing the grub population. The bad news is that they don't get them all - some hatch (in early June) and mate and come back later in June and July and lay eggs in the soil. By the end of July, these eggs are hatching to start the cycle all over again.

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