May 17, 2010
Q. Where can I find some of the new plants this year? I am especially interested in the coneflowers like Green Envy, Mac & Cheese and Tomato soup.

A. Any Landscape Ontario member Garden Centre would be happy to sell you the plants you are looking for. The problem with brand new plants varieties is they take a year or two to become widely available in the marketplace. Demand is so high for the new varieties that they are quickly bought up.

On the Landscape Ontario 'Green for Life' website, click on the Find a Professional page. Choose Garden Centre from the drop-down menu and hit Search Using Your Location. You will then be prompted to enter your postal code to find a list of plant retailers, listed by the closest distance to your postal code. The search results include phone numbers, so it will require a few phone calls to see which garden centres have the specific plants you are looking for in stock or if they can order them in for you.