July 4, 2022
Reaching milestones along the apprenticeship journey
Landscape Ontario would like to acknowledge the apprentices whose hard work and effort see them reach milestones in their Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship Program (HTAP) journey. Over the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic, these amazing apprentices refused to be deterred as they continued along their chosen pathway throughout a very challenging time.

When LO’s Apprenticeship team asked apprentices about the influence of the Apprenticeship Program in their lives, Anita Dowdle, who recently received her Certificate of Qualification with Red Seal endorsement said, “The Apprenticeship Program not only taught me absolutely amazing skills, but also took me out of my comfort zone, [it] gave me knowledge and confidence not only at work but outside of work too.”

“Do it!” exclaimed Rebecca MacDuff, who completed her Level 2 milestone. “This has been an amazing confidence booster for me. I was older than my classmates, and it was a bit intimidating going back as a mature student, but I ended up on the Dean’s Honour Roll for each term, and the President’s Honour Roll for the program. This has been a game changer. I [even] encouraged my co-worker and she just completed her first term.”

In-class training during the winter can be very exciting because apprentices can take what they learn back to work in the spring to share with their coworkers and employers. Everyone can benefit from their education. There are many “tricks and details learned that will make future projects [even more] professional,” said Zoey Hart, who completed Level 1 this past March.

At Landscape Ontario, we are extremely proud of apprentices who demonstrate commitment and resilience during their journey. We know this is just the beginning of many successes to come.

Congratulations to the Horticultural Technician apprentices and journeypersons who reached their apprenticeship milestones in 2021-22:

Algonquin College

Level 1
Erin Anderson
Mustafa Askar
Terri-Lyn Blaskie
Tasha Chapman
Richard Lam
Lauren Loerts
Madison McBride
Taylor Middleton
Level 2
Renee Forgues
Dakota Fripp
Michelle MacGillvray
Caroline Pilon
Alexander Stewart
Journeyperson (CofQ with Red Seal Endorsement)
Daniel Armstrong
Emma Gowing

Fanshawe College

Level 1
Ryan Barker
Bryce Bauman
Maxwell Dick  
Aiden Floyd  
Ahmad Habash  
Zoey Hart
David Cross Wilcox Henderson  
Mackenzie Wilcox Henderson
Erica Johnston
Cassidy Loker
Connor Meyerink
Riley Murray
Roch Provost
Steven Sjaarda
Cade Schaus
Georgia Schoonderwoerd
Kevin Van’t Foort
Christina Rose Verhoeve
Level 2
Bailey Bissonnette
Leah Boutcher
Lucy Brubacher
Carl Buell
Rebecca MacDuff
Zoe Miller
Cole Nicolson
Ryan Smith
Billy Streit
Journeyperson (CofQ with Red Seal Endorsement)
Myles Armstrong
Melodie DeCaluwe

Humber College

Level 1
Bryan Davey
Braedon Flanagan  
Alexander Hollett
Camryn Jackson
Terry Khamvongsa
Tyler Martin  
Riley Ann Smith  
Keegan Stribbell  
Shannon Venman  
Nurana Zeynalova  
Level 2
Zoe Alexis-Abrams  
James Boutilier
Rebecca Catching  
Stephanie Dadd  
Lyndsy Flude  
Siar Ishaq
Jordan Jackson
Jai Chen (Cardy) Lai  
Sze-Lai (Angela) Leung  
Astighik Melkonyan  
Sharon Partridge
Margaret Perry
Nicole Quesnel  
Gabrielle Tetreault  
Monvie Utami  
Anthony (Willem) Veltkamp  
Claire Viccari  
Journeyperson (CofQ with Red Seal Endorsement)
Josh Cain

Mohawk College

Level 1
Zachary Allan
Jared Hutten  
Paula Lynn Kinghorn  
Jacob Nicholas
Lindsay Anne Smith  
William Stirling
Bernie Tigchelaar
Dalia Tunaitis
Matthew Van Haaren
Bianca Vanderleest  
Brenden Venema  
Level 2
Joanna Adamek
Link Archer
Chris Baetz
Jamie Cirkon
Alexandra de Haan
Cameron DeGraaf
Patrick Dejong
Even Fitzpatrick
Wyatt Kelly
Daniel Kent
Jacob Kirk   
Tristan Knol
Bret Measor  
Katherine Perry
Kyle Pickering
Rueben VanWoudenberg
Michael Vair-Haley
Hilary Wisenden
Andrew Wright  
Journey Person (CofQ with Red Seal Endorsement)
Anita Dowdle
Derek King

About the program:

The Horticultural Technician 441C Apprenticeship Program (HTAP) is a Red Seal trade for the horticulture and landscape profession in Ontario, regulated by the Apprenticeship and Certification Act. In 2015, Landscape Ontario became a Group Sponsor for the program, supporting employers and apprentices through the apprenticeship journey from start to completion.

To learn more about HTAP, visit horticulturetechnician.ca/program/441c-horticulture-technician or join us for a free information session to discover all the benefits of apprenticeship. Sign up at horticulturetechnician.ca/events.