November 25, 2013
Selecting the Right Tree for the Holidays
Selecting the right tree for the holidays
Try something different. It used to be that we only had spruce and pine Christmas trees to choose from. Today, there are over a dozen varieties to select from including fir and balsam. Also consider the growing trend of buying a living, potted tree,and planting it in your landscape after the holidays.
Real versus life-like. It's always a personal choice, but remember, you are not killing a tree when you use a freshly-cut tree, it's just another farm crop that’s been harvested. Tree farms are beneficial for the environment and are constantly being replanted.
Eleven days (or thereabouts) should be the minimum you can expect to keep a cut tree in your house by following simple steps. Buy from a reliable source, buy a good stand with a large water reservoir, make a fresh cut at the base of the trunk before setting your tree up, keep a constant supply of water in the tree stand and add a tree preservative to the water.
Evergreen for the birds. After the holidays, place the cut tree in the garden and support it by bracing it to a fence or deck. This provides a wonderful haven for birds during the winter. Complete the scene with bird feeder and spotlight.
Style. Choose a colour theme for tree decorations that match your existing interior style.  Many garden centres have vignettes displayed to help you make the right choice.