July 5, 2022
Seven beautiful and easy houseplants
By Gail Pope
Journalism Intern, Landscape Ontario

Did you know adding plants to your home or office can reduce stress, boost productivity, and improve air quality? Those are some serious benefits and that’s before mentioning the beauty and style house plants provide.

Almost everyone loves houseplants, but unfortunately, not everyone is born with a green thumb. If plans don’t seem to thrive under your care, don’t give up! There are many amazing houseplants that are exceptionally easy to look after. Here is a list of plants that are just about guaranteed to thrive in your home:


Succulents are fascinating plants that are great for windowsills, desks, or just about any spot that gets lots of light. Succulents are able to store water in their leaves, much like a cactus in a desert. This makes them able to survive with little water. Plant owners only need to water this plant once a month. However, succulents love the sunshine, making a windowsill the perfect place for them to grow. 

Fun Fact: You don’t have to stick to the colour green. With over 60 varieties, succulents have a range of colours and textures available. 

Snake plant

snake plant
As the name suggests, a snake plant looks like green snakes coming up from the ground. This plant does not give up easily either. It is able to survive for weeks without water, but most experts recommend watering once a week. A snake plant can survive in sun or shade, making it the perfect plant to care for all year long. 

Fun Fact: Snake plants are nocturnal and purifying. This means that while you sleep, this plant will be working to clear the air of toxins.

Aloe vera

aloe vera
This plant looks beautiful in a home and also has healing properties. Aloe vera have lengthy leaves with white detailing that look almost like teeth. The plant does well in both direct and indirect sunlight, although less sun makes the leaves grow longer and thinner. Aloe plants are more delicate with water. When planting, make sure to leave the plant for a week without watering so their roots can establish. Then, water enough so the soil is moist but not wet. Too much water will rot the roots!

Fun Fact: Aloe has many healing properties. You can cut off an aloe leaf and slice it down the middle. This will reveal the gel that can be scraped out and applied directly on a mild sunburn to help with healing. 

Peace lily

Peace Lily
Peace lilies are a unique houseplant to have. The amount of light they get will determine the colour of their leaves. In lower light their leaves will remain a classic green. To get the peace lily’s signature white leaves, the average light found in an office with well-lit windows is suffice. Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering, since peace lilies do not like to be overwatered. 

Fun Fact: Peace lilies are also known as closet plants since they are so popular for indoor growing.


If you’re looking for a large plant to fill your space, a monstera is a perfect pick. The plant produces full, lush leaves. It is the ideal plant for a corner beside a window, as they like indirect sunlight. It is best to sit them outside on a sunny day at least once a year, since this encourages better growth. This plant doesn’t do well when overwatered, so it is best to wait until the soil is on the drier side. 

Fun Fact: This plant is also known as a Swiss cheese plant because of the holes in the leaves. 


Pothos plants are great if you don’t have floor space but want some greenery. As the stems grow, they droop and create a beautiful weeping willow effect when placed in a hanging pot. Pothos are sensitive to light and prefer something less direct. The interesting thing about this plant is that it can be fully grown in water or in dry soil, but the planter must choose one. A pothos that was started in water will have a very hard time growing in dirt and vice versa. 

Not-So-Fun Fact: This plant is poisonous to people and pets if ingested, so please be careful!


Orchid have a bit of a reputation for being hard to grow and maintain, but they actually make amazing house plants. They thrive in humid areas but prefer watering only once per week.

They are most successfully grown in bright but indirect light. Placing it near a window would be best. There are specific soil mixes for orchids that are highly recommended for the longevity of your plant. This is a tougher house plant to manage but will look amazing in your home. 

Fun Fact: Don’t worry if the flowers fall off — hey will rebloom from the bulb of the plant by cutting down the stem. If treated well, orchids can outlive their gardener!

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