May 10, 2024
Shake it up

Shake it up

Four fresh ideas to bring in new business for landscape designers and nurseries

You likely have niche strengths and specialties, but sometimes it’s worth thinking outside the box to expand or enrich your connection with consumers and clients. When the economy dips, the weather won’t cooperate or you’re just looking to drive new business, there are lots of creative ways to branch out.

1. Partner on a pop-up
Consider partnering with a local group or business to offer your clients something special. Plant Gather & Buffalo Rouge Brewery in Kelowna, B.C., for example, have hosted terrarium-building and house plant 101 events together. Collaborating with other businesses is a great way to find a broader client base and foster a greater sense of community.

2. You've got mail
Consider creating a subscription box to showcase your wares. Plant Shop in Calgary, Alta., has monthly boxes with hand-selected items to create or care for plants, like terrariums or air plant hangers and seasonal picks.

3. Happy Holidays
Holiday lighting and greenery doesn’t have to be limited to December. With some thought, all sectors can find a way to celebrate year-round. Consider offering lighting and horticultural enhancements for holidays, weddings, family reunions and birthdays. LandArt in Beamsville, Ont., for example, has an Enhancements team that provides special occasion service to existing residential customers.

4. The fame game
If you’re great at creating landscapes that capture a certain mood, consider reaching out to local film and television production companies to offer your services. Movie Greens in Vancouver, B.C., offers plants for sets and also greenspeople for hire. You can also connect with companies that produce awards shows — from local community affairs to national events like the Junos — to see if they need help greening their red carpets.