August 15, 2012
When it comes to supporting community project, Sheridan Nurseries supports hundreds of small donations each year. “Our major donations centre around kids,” says company president Karl Stensson.

Sheridan donated $25,000 to Upopolis (The Children’s Health Network), which provides computers for hospitals for long-term health situations for kids.

“In September, we funded implementation of the system in Holland Bloorview Children’s Hospital in Toronto. We have committed to another $25,000 for next year.”

Sheridan has also supported Children’s Wish Foundation over the last four years with more than $15,000. The funding was all obtained through rounding-up at the cash registers, as well as employee fund-raising.

As highlighted in Horticulture Review a few years ago, Sheridan raised an amazing $140,000 to cover the medical costs of one of the off-shore worker’s sons for multiple operations for scoliosis. The company also sells “Plants for the Cure,” and has raised over $10,000 each year.

“We have supported Riverwood, Parkwood, TBG and RBG in amounts over $50,000, as well as the garden for Joe Deluca at RBC,” says Stensson.