February 15, 2011
Post-secondary teams from across the province will showcase their landscaping skills at Canada Blooms this March.

Qualifying teams will meet head to head at Skills Canada – Ontario’s 2011 landscape gardening contest in conjunction with Canada Blooms.

The competition involves teams of two students building a small garden, based on common criteria and drawings. The teams may use landscape rocks, precast wall and paving units, landscape lighting, sand, composted mulch and plants. The winning team will be judged on its ability to finish the project, while following the guidelines of the contest, within the allotted time.

This year, the design of the competition garden aligns with the Canada Blooms theme: Rhythms. As competitors begin to build their gardens during the show, rhythm will quickly become evident.

This contest is part of the 21st Ontario Technological Skills Competition – an Olympic-style, multi-trade and technology competition for young students and apprentices in Ontario. The competition provides an opportunity for young Canadians studying a skilled trade or technology test themselves against exacting standards and their peers from across Ontario.

Students vie to win the honour of being crowned the best in their chosen discipline. Skills Canada – Ontario says it is pleased to acknowledge the support of Landscape Ontario and Permacon for this contest.