July 26, 2013
Top five garden tips for memorable summer entertaining
During spring and early summer many people spend countless hours creating and tending to their gardens. Now that most of the hard work is done and you have your perfect backyard oasis, it's time to share your piece of paradise with friends and family. "Summer is the perfect season for entertaining since you can take advantage of all the benefits your beautifully landscaped gardens and patio has to offer," said Denis Flanagan, public relations manager for Landscape Ontario. Landscape Ontario offers five great ways to feature your garden when entertaining this summer:
  • Create a beautiful centre piece using fresh cut flowers from your garden. Now is the perfect time to pick delphiniums, dahlias, and gladiolas -- or be unique and decorate with vegetables
  • Serve an edible flower salad as an appetizer. Common garden flowers suitable for use in salads include marigolds, dandelions, carnations, day lilies, pansies, chrysanthemums and nasturtiums.
  • Plant herb pots close to your BBQ for easy access. Adding fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and chives can add fabulous flavour to any meat or vegetables you are grilling.
  • Treat yourself to dessert. Several flowers can also be used in a dessert, especially lavender which is a great addition to cakes and ice cream.
  • Enjoy a local garden tour. After lunch treat your guests to a garden tour; your local horticultural society may have a route to follow. So sit back, relax and enjoy all the benefits gardens have to offer!