April 22, 2021
Toronto and Peel to close workplaces with outbreaks

Toronto Public Health and Peel Public Health issued updated Section 22 Order on workplaces (Class Order for Workplaces with COVID-19) that will direct all businesses with five or more cases of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days to close for 10 days where: 

  • The cases could have reasonably acquired their infection at work, or;
  • No obvious source of infection has been identified outside of the workplace.

Important details from the Toronto Public Health website:

  • The COVID-19 situation is serious with case counts that are the highest they have been since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • While TPH will apply every measure within its authority, the assistance of every sector of society is critical in responding effectively to wave.
  • Employers that continue to be open must: Re-evaluate their operations to determine whether every possible person who can work remotely is currently doing so. Have a safety plan. Ensure to keep distance between employees, screen employees daily and immediately report more than two cases in their workplace.

Important details from the Region of Peel's website:

  • Closure will happen for businesses that have 5 cases that are identified to have been reasonably acquired in the workplace over a 14-day span or no obvious source of infection has been identified outside the workplace.
  • Closure will last 10 calendar days, with day 1 starting the day after the business is notified that they must close. All affected employees must self-isolate. Employees who are isolating are not permitted to work in any other workplace. This further restricts spread should they have been exposed in their workplace.
  • Absent legislated paid sick days, employers required to close under these provisions are strongly recommended to provide paid leave for impacted employees.