April 15, 2011
Based on the rapidly increasing number of green roof installations, and an increased demand for quality green roof plants, growing substrates and production systems, the University of Guelph has announced the creation of a research program.

The Guelph Green Roof Research project was initiated to support the needs, especially biological, of the rapidly-developing green roof industry in northern climates.

The research group consists of plant biologists, soil scientists and horticulturists. Its mission is to conduct scientific research to provide the green roof industry with updated and reliable information in the following areas:
  • Plant species and combinations suitable for green roof installation
  • Green roof plant production technologies (e.g. growing substrates, irrigation, fertilization, growing systems)
  • Green roof plant installation and maintenance technologies [e.g. growing substrates, irrigation, fertilization, pest (e.g. pathogen and weeds), and other stresses (e.g. drought) management
Researchers will test various species under Ontario rooftop conditions, using mat and tray growing systems. They will monitor plant-to-plant interactions in different combinations to determine compatibilities. Plants will also be analyzed to determine their suitability for different green roof growing systems.

Landscape Ontario is a partner in the program. To access the research website, go to www.ces.uoguelph.ca/greenroof/index.shtml.