August 15, 2011
Three research scientists have joined Vineland Research and Innovation Centre team. Dr. Bernard Goyette, post harvest technologies, Dr. Valerio Primomo, vegetable breeder, and Dr. Anissa Poleatewich, plant pathology, bring their respective research expertise and experience to the facility.

Dr. Poleatewich has joined Vineland from Penn State University. Her area of research will include development of biocontrols and other alternatives to chemical pesticides for control of plant diseases and weeds with an emphasis on integrated pest management in vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops grown in Ontario.

Dr. Goyette joins Vineland from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. He is concerned with postharvest handling including pre-cooling, storage and packaging to maximize quality.

Dr. Primomo comes to Vineland from Pioneer Hi-Bred as a molecular breeder for several crops.