June 15, 2012
Some of the best dry stone craftsmen in the world will gather in Hanover for three days, from Sept. 28 to 30.

The Stonewurx International Dry Stone Walling Festival is intended as a celebration of an ancient craft. It’s also an opportunity to educate those interested in the art through a one-of-a kind learning experience.

Paul Brydges, of Brydges Landscape Architecture in Guelph and treasurer on the LO board of directors, has joined with another LO member Tim Kramer, Ground Effects Landscape, Hanover, and Dean McClellan, Dry Stone Guild Commission, to organize the event.

“The three of us decided to collaborate on the festival because we love using natural stone. It looks great, it’s environmentally responsible and it’s a local product,” says Brydges.

Master craftsmen will teach and demonstrate the craft of dry stone walling. Anyone interested in stone, stone work or stone art is invited to sign-up and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Brydges is excited about the plans to build a Scottish stable at the festival. Instructors and students will test their skills at building this permanent and unique stone stable. “Once the structure is complete, a green roof will be installed, making the stable a true beauty that lasts a lifetime,” said Brydges.

“Due to the nature of this ancient craft, we feel it deserves to be celebrated and shared with the entire community,” said Brydges. Along with the rare build, everyone is invited to come to watch and learn, and take part in the other on-site activities that include local artisans, entertainment tent and children’s events.

The group encourages everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to either learn the basic dry stone technique from professionals, or witness and celebrate in a relaxing environment among wallers from all over the world.

Asked if there are plans to make the festival an annual event, Brydges said that depends on the response to this year’s event.

For more information, go to http://bit.ly/stonewurx, or email info@stonewurx.ca.