May 24, 2013
Fall into colour!
Fall into colour!
Embrace the fall garden season: what gardeners need to know to make the most of their garden this fall

This eye-catching entrance display uses pumpkins, gourds, hay and colourful grasses to add visual interest in fall.

Yellow works well with orange and red as typical fall colours.
Look up. Colour is peeking through the trees. Replacing the bright, green leaves of summer are the rich hues of fall. And as Mother Nature changes her colour pallete, it's the perfect time for gardeners to change theirs as well.

With the start of the fall garden season, plants' true colours come out. As Denis Flanagan of Landscape Ontario explains, "Leaves have these rich autumnal hues all year round, but they are masked by the bright green chlorophyll produced by photosynthesis. But in fall, cool weather slows down photosynthesis, and the green fades away leaving way for the hidden hues of red and gold." However, just because winter is approaching doesn't mean we should abandon our gardens.

"Fall is actually a great time to get out and work in your garden. The soil is still warm and full of rich nutrients from the summer season, not to mention the cool air is perfect for working in," urges Denis Flanagan.

To help you make the most of fall gardening, Landscape Ontario has a few helpful hints:

  • Add a splash of fall colour.
    There are many plants which thrive in fall's short, crisp days and cool night air.
    Perennials such as fall asters and rubeckias add a touch of autumn colour to your garden.

  • Consider shrubs.
    Viburnums and serviceberry have great fall colour and, as a bonus, have interesting fruit for winter interest and a source of food for wildlife.

  • Move it.
    Fall is the perfect time for transplanting trees and shrubs - preparing your garden for next summer.
    The ground is still warm and the cool, crisp air is perfect for putting some hard work into your garden.

  • Spruce it up.
    Transform you front porch with ornamental grasses, flowering kale mixed with pumpkins and gourds.

  • Feed it.
    Trees and shrubs still require water in fall. Letting them dry out will cause stress over the winter. Fall is ideal for feeding your lawn with some organic nutrients. Pull any weeds so they don't come back with a vengeance and apply corn gluten meal correctly to stop weeds from germinating in the spring.
"Living in Ontario we witness one of the most beautiful autumn seasons in this country. This is the season of nature's bounty, when brilliant hues light up the trees. It's a time to celebrate," adds Denis Flanagan.