November 22, 2017

The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute is the theme for Landscape Ontario's 2018 garden at Canada Blooms. The garden will be built by LO member Joe Genovese of Genoscape. Joe is already busy promoting the garden, and has produced the popular video below.

Genoscape landscape header

We are humbled and honoured to have been asked to design and build the Highway of Heroes Tribute Feature Garden at the upcoming Canada Blooms show in March, 2018. The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute is a campaign that pledges to plant one tree for every Fallen Canadian Hero along Highway 401. It is a worthy cause as it not only encourages another 117,000 trees to be planted, but it is a living tribute to honour our bravest Canadians. For more info, please visit


Calling all Landscape Ontario members...

If you would like to donate materials, equipment, labour or expertise in helping to realize the goals of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute campaign, please contact Tony DiGiovanni, Executive Director of Landscape Ontario. Financial donations are also accepted online.