January 15, 2012
On behalf of all the members of Landscape Ontario, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and congratulations to all those involved with the St. James Park restoration project.

In particular, I would like to recognize three people for the key roles they played in the project, Kyle Tobin, Alan White and Peter Guinane. We were all truly amazed at the spirit of volunteerism and generosity that the members of LO, Ontario Sod Growers and Project EverGreen demonstrated in mid-December. Watching the news clips, I was so proud to see, not only the incredible generosity of time and resources of these volunteers, but also the level of professionalism that came through loud and clear to the public.

The St. James Park restoration project crystalized our Green for Life message and concretely demonstrated it to millions of people. This project encapsulated the very heart of whom and what we are. It brought out the societal importance of our activities. It clearly demonstrated the environmental, social and community benefits of green spaces, parks, lawns, trees and gardens. This message was repeated numerous times through the positive appreciative feedback from local government, community groups, local businesses and residents. The huge importance they placed on their parks and green spaces was acknowledged by your generosity and professionalism.

I believe that the St. James Park restoration project will be remembered as one the greatest highlights in our industry’s history in Canada. The seizure of the opportunity, the speedy organization of partners and rapid completion of the project was truly spectacular. The incredible amount of good will and good press that was generated will be felt for many years to come. The professionalism that was demonstrated raised the level of appreciation and confidence the public has in our industry. Most significant, however, was the amazing benevolence that all those involved showed. Their overwhelming generosity has made us all proud and thankful to be associated with the green industry. Thank you for all your contributions.  

Tom Intven
Past president, Landscape Ontario