September 11, 2018
Fall Perennials – Add some colour to your landscape!

Fall Perennials – Add some colour to your landscape!

As we complete our tour of fall colour plants for Ontario gardens lets not forget the perennial collection. While we have a good number of trees, shrubs and vines that can add a splash of colour late in the season, we have many herbaceous perennials that will grow back every year and sparkle with colour until the frost.
As with most of our perennial garden beds we suggest planting in these fall colour plants in groups of at least 3 to 5 plants so they make a bigger visual impact! Some fun in our fall perennial list as we have a few plants that are considered ‘weeds’ by non-gardeners –  we see Globe Thistle and Goldenrod both making our list. The fall flowering Goldenrod is maligned and ignored by Canadian gardeners, no doubt because it grows wild everywhere and for some causes hay fever. In Britain, where it is less common, Goldenrod is highly valued.
The plants listed will let you take advantage of the change of season and keep your garden interesting and colourful until the heavy frosts and first snow of winter.

Perennials for Fall Colour  
Sneezewort, Achillea ptarmica white
Yarrow. 2, A. taygetea yellow
Monkshood, Aconitum blue
Japanese Anemone, Anemone japonica pink/white
Mugwort, Artemisia lactiflora white
Italian Aster, Aster amellus blue, purple
New England Aster, A. novae-angliae purple, pink, white
New York Aster, A. novi-belgii violet
Boltonia, B. asteroides white
Carpathian Harebell, Campanula carpatica blue
Chrysanthemum, C. x morifolium various
Coreopsis (flowering since June, will still be flowering in Sept.) yellow
Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea purple
Globe Thistle, Echinops blue
Gallardia, G. x grandiflora (still flowering since June) red and yellow
Sneezeweed, Helenium autumnale bronze, yellow
Sunflower, Helianthus x multiflorus & H. decapetalus yellow
Heliopsis, Heliopsis yellow
Coralbells, Heuchera (still flowering since May) red, pink, white
Rose Mallow, Hibiscus moscheutos red, pink, white
Hosta Honeybells blue
Hosta Royal Standard (fragrant) white
Lamium, L. maculatum lilac
Gay Feather (Blazing Star), Liatrus spp. lilac, purple, white
Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis scarlet
Blue Cardinal Fl., L. siphilitica blue
Catmint, Nepeta spp. blue
Giant Sundrop, Oenothera missourensis yellow
Phlox, Phlox paniculata (flowering since July) pink, white
False Dragonhead (0bedient Plant), Physostegia spp. white, pink, purple
Balloon Flower, Platycodon spp. blue, white
Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia spp. yellow
Sedum Autumn Joy, Hylotelephium spectabile pink, mauve
Greek Mallow, Sidalcea spp. pink
Goldenrod, Solidago spp. yellow

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