June 11, 2013
New annuals introduced for 2012

Plant breeders are listening to growers and gardeners, who are asking for low input, drought-tolerant plants that look great. There are some exciting new additions to this year's line up of new plant introductions, including some lovely low-water annuals and tough perennials that perform well all summer.

Look for these plants, and others like them, at your local member garden centre this spring. Keep in mind that plants are a living commodity, and availability depends on more than weather and growing environment. Knowledgeable garden centre staff will be able to suggest similar varieties should the specific one you are searching for be temporarily unavailable.

Archangel™ summer snapdragon
Angelonia angustifolia Archangel™
Angelonia is a garden superstar, strong even in extreme heat, humidity and drought. Archangel boasts big blooms, vibrant colours and glossy, dark green foliage for huge summer impact in the landscape and in mixed and mono containers. Available in Pink, Purple, Raspberry, and White. Grows 30 cm (12 in.) tall and wide. Ball FloraPlant

Acrobat™ snapdragon
Antirrhinum hybrid Acrobat™
Long lasting pink bicolour with good heat tolerance. Grows 10 cm (4 in.) tall and 20 cm (8 in.) wide. Green Fuse Botanicals

Shadow King™ Rex begonia
Begonia rex hybrid Shadow King™
Bred to grow at cooler temperatures to save the producer energy, this shade-loving series requires little watering, so is low-maintenance for the homeowner. Cultivar Moonlight has silver-white foliage, King Rothko has rich red and black leaf colour and Strawberry Lime features multi-coloured leaves. Grows between 25 and 37.5 cm (10-15 in.) tall and 20 cm (8 in.) wide. Green Fuse Botanicals

Superbells� Cherry Star
Calibrachoa hybrid Cherry Star
Cherry Star offers a unique bloom colour and pattern, with a stable yellow star radiating across the cherry pink petals. Proven Winners

Superbells�: Grape Punch
Calibrachoa hybrid Grape Punch
Grape Punch is an addition to the popular two-toned Punch series introduced last year. Large grape blooms with a deep velvet throat and a yellow eye. Proven Winners

Darkstar dahlia series
Dahlia Darkstar series
This series features very dark foliage, with fern-like deeply divided leaves. Single flowers in vibrant colours stand out dramatically against the foliage. Compact growers, up to 30 cm (12 in.) tall. Best in full sun. Paridon Horticultural

Impatiens Patchwork™ Lavender
Impatiens walleriana Patchwork™
Distinctive Patchwork™ wows with unique, patterned flowers all season long. Brilliant colours make high-impact garden displays in shady containers, baskets and in the landscape. Grows in a mounded, spreading habit; 30 cm (12 in.) tall and 35 cm (14 in.) wide. Ball FloraPlant

Sweet Caroline Raven Improved sweet potato vine
Ipomoea batatas Sweet Caroline Raven Improved
Rich, dark-purple-black foliage. Raven is breathtaking alone, and also makes a great addition to combination planters. Proven Winners

Osteospermum 3D™ African daisy
Osteospermum ecklonis 3D™
3D™ is a whole new dimension of flower — it's the osteo that doesn't close! An all-hours pleaser, watch its button-like, double blooms stay open all day and night for high-impact in the garden. Perfect for cool-season or early spring containers, 3D from Selecta North America is an irresistible purchase. Grows 35 cm (14 in.) tall and 50 cm (20 in.) wide. Available in Silver, Pink and Purple. Ball Horticultural

Cathedral Purple salvia
Salvia farinacea Cathedral Purple
A great addition to the Cathedral series in purple. Drought tolerant. Grows 50 cm (20 in.) tall and spreads 20 cm (8 in.). Green Fuse Botanicals

Wasabi coleus
Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Wasabi'
This is one Wasabi you can't have too much of! Durable and rugged, Wasabi's brilliant chartreuse, serrated leaves hold up in sun or shade without fading or spotting. Pair this vigorous variety with Redhead coleus for a spicy, sizzling combination. Grows 65 cm (26 in.) tall and wide. Ball Horticultural

Sultana coleus
Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Sultana'
With its large, lacy leaves of bold burgundy and chartreuse, Sultana fills patio pots fast and looks fabulous all season long. Vigorous and featuring a beautiful habit, it's a perfect addition to any sun or shade garden. Grows to 65 cm (26 in.) tall and 55 cm (22 in.) wide.
Ball Horticultural

'Seabrook's Lavender' verbena
Verbena 'Seabrook's Lavender'
This handsome variety is smothered with clusters of lavender flowers with a darker lavender eye. Very floriferous and long flowering, June until late September. Low growing and spreading habit. Grow in full sun. Blooms of Bressingham

Vivid™ verbena series
Verbena hybrid Vivid™ series
Another new series from Green Fuse Botanicals. Vivid™ verbenas were selected for mildew resistance, bright colours and large flowers. Available colours include Deep Blue, Peach, Rose, White, Red and Zinfandel (deep burgundy). Grows 10 cm (4 in.) tall and spreads 45 cm (18 in.). Green Fuse Botanicals