June 11, 2013
New perennials introduced for 2013

Plant breeders are listening to growers and gardeners, who are asking for low input, drought-tolerant plants that look great. There are some exciting new additions to this year's line up of new plant introductions, including some lovely low-water annuals and tough perennials that perform well all summer.

Look for these plants, and others like them, at your local member garden centre this spring. Keep in mind that plants are a living commodity, and availability depends on more than weather and growing environment. Knowledgeable garden centre staff will be able to suggest similar varieties should the specific one you are searching for be temporarily unavailable.

Filigree miniature clematis
Clematis Filigree
A new ultra-compact miniature clematis from Raymond Evison. This selection stands only 30 cm (12 in.) tall and bears abundant, large silvery blue to pale lilac flowers. Blooms profusely from early to mid summer and sporadically through late summer. Perfect for containers or hanging baskets as a trailing plant. Will climb to 60 cm (24 in.) if supported. Hardy to zone 4. Valleybrook

‘Mercury Rising’ tickseed
Coreopsis ‘Mercury Rising’
A very long blooming perennial for sunny areas. The exceptionally large velvety-wine daisies have a contrasting orange button centre, appearing in succession from mid-summer to mid-autumn. These are excellent towards the middle of a sunny border, and in containers. Best in lean soil. Hardy to zone 5 (4 with reliable snow cover). Walters Gardens, Valleybrook

‘Valentine’ old-fashioned bleeding heart
Dicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’ PPAF
An updated colour palette on an old favourite, a red bleeding heart. Much like the species, this variety also grows quickly to form a robust clump of foliage topped with arching flower stems in late spring. However, the stems on this variety are deeper red and the large, puffy heart-shaped flowers are bright red with a white tip. Like the species, this plant goes dormant in mid to late summer. Grows 75 cm (30 in.) tall and wide. Hardy to zone 4. Walters Gardens

‘Double Scoop Orangeberry’ coneflower
Echinacea ‘Double Scoop Orangeberry’
This new coneflower features large flowers with frilly double centres of raspberry red surrounded by orange petals. Blooms for many weeks in the summer. The plants are well branched and sturdy growing to 65 cm (26 in.). Echinaceas are attractive to butterflies and are drought tolerant once established. Hardy to zone 4. Valleybrook

‘Apple Crisp’ coral bells
Heuchera ‘Apple Crisp’
Hybrid coral bells are a terrific choice for adding colour to the front of a border or in a mixed container for shady areas. This selection is beautifully ruffled with strongly dissected, bright green leaves that are overlaid with silvery-white. Stems with small white flowers compliment the foliage. The Crisp series comes in a range of colours and features an excellent tight habit. Hardy to zone 4. Valleybrook

‘Dazzleberry’ stonecrop
Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’
This new groundcover Sedum is welcomed as an early-blooming breakthrough. A compact clump of smoky blue-grey foliage topped with giant 15-20 cm (6-8 in.) vibrant raspberry-coloured flowers. Drought tolerant and a sun loving perennial. Willowbrook Nurseries