June 11, 2013
New roses introduced for 2012

Plant breeders are listening to growers and gardeners, who are asking for low input, drought-tolerant plants that look great. There are some exciting new additions to this year's line up of new plant introductions, including some lovely low-water annuals and tough perennials that perform well all summer.

Look for these plants, and others like them, at your local member garden centre this spring. Keep in mind that plants are a living commodity, and availability depends on more than weather and growing environment. Knowledgeable garden centre staff will be able to suggest similar varieties should the specific one you are searching for be temporarily unavailable.

Party Hardy™ shrub rose
Rosa DARcanard
Big, old-fashioned bright pink blooms that arrive in showy clusters. Bred in Canada and has proven to be perfectly adapted for harsh winters. Keeps its clean green foliage to the ground and grows like mad as a result. Excellent disease resistance. Mild apple fragrance. Tall upright to slightly-spreading habit. JC Bakker & Sons

Cinderella Fairy Tale™ shrub rose
Rosa KORfobalt
Lovely soft colour with the charm of old roses, enchants by its very healthy foliage and nostalgic shape of flowers, decorated with gold medals in Baden-Baden, Geneva and Rome. A fruity fragrance. Will bloom recurrently. JC Bakker & Sons

The Wainwright Rose
Rosa FRYlovely
Long elegantly formed buds that slowly unfurl to form large and flawless high centred blooms of fresh pale lemon. They are carried on strong, stiff stems in the traditional hybrid tea style, not just singly, but several together too. Growth is robust and vigorous ensuring a plentiful supply of scented flowers throughout the season on an imposing bush with tough leathery foliage and very good resistance to diseases. Grows to approximately 100 cm (40 in.) Pickering Nurseries

Moody Blue hybrid tea
Rosa FRYniche
The flowers are large, beautifully formed and brimming with perfume. At first the colour is a more intense blue-lilac with the petal edges tipped with violet, but as the flower develops the colour softens becoming a much warmer silvery-lilac shade. Unlike most roses in this colour range, Moody Blue has strong, vigorous growth that produces a continuous profusion of bloom that retains its colour even in hot weather. Disease resistance is well above average as well. Grows to approximately 80 cm (32 in). Pickering Nurseries

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale floribunda rose
Rosa KORassenet
Hybridized specifically for disease resistance, the Kordes Fairy Tale series are perfect roses for pesticide-free gardens. Lightly-scented large full blooms come continuously on a vigorously growing plant covered in glossy dark green, leathery foliage. Brothers Grimm has proven reliable in Zone 5 with no winter protection. Grows to approximately 90 cm (36 in). Pickering Nurseries

Ch-Ching!™ grandiflora rose
Rosa WEKyesir
A true grandiflora, the very dark green leaves and red stems set off the many showy clusters of blossoms. Scent-sational for a bouquet and beauty-full in the landscape. A clear long-lasting even glowing yellow. Medium-tall, upright bush habit. JC Bakker & Sons

Dick Clark™ grandiflora rose
Rosa WEKfunk
Black-red buds spiral open to show off swirls of cream, edged and washed with vibrant cherry pink. When the sun strikes the petals, they begin to blush burgundy, finishing as a deep dark red. Easy to grow, great vigour. An AARS 2011 award-winner. Moderate cinnamon spice fragrance. JC Bakker & Sons