April 24, 2019
Editor's note: As of April 2021, the program detailed below is no longer available and will be moved to an online learning platform in the future. Details will be made available here once the new online platform is available.

Garden Centres Canada and the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) Professional Development Committee (PDC) are pleased to announce the Retail Horticulturist Online Training Program is now available.
This interactive program is designed for owners, managers and associates who work in a retail garden centre environment. For those looking to enhance their knowledge and skill, or those working toward the Landscape Industry Certified Horticultural Technician designation, this online training program is designed to help.
Through the Retail Council of Canada platform, this interactive, 12-module online training program is designed to enhance overall retail horticulture skills for owners, managers and associates.
The course may be taken through any internet capable connection, including a smartphone. This provides greater flexibility to the learner and does not limit their studies to an office or home environment. It is recommended, however, when answering quizzes, a larger screen be used to better select the answer button.
The 12 modules that make up the self-study course are:
  1. Basic Plant Morphology
  2. Basic Plant Needs
  3. Customer Service Etiquette
  4. Lawn Installation and Maintenance
  5. Making the Sale
  6. Pests and Diseases
  7. Plant Hardiness
  8. Plant Nomenclature
  9. Planting and Design Principles
  10. Pruning Methods and Techniques
  11. Soil and Soil Nutrients
  12. The Garden Centre Environment

A written manual is also available to complement the online program and take the learner through key aspects of the garden centre business. The successful student will emerge more knowledgeable, competent, confident and valuable to both the business and customers.
Nurseries, garden centres and related companies are encouraged to register staff for this training. Once registered, staff are able to pace themselves and complete the modules at their own convenience.
The cost for online training is $50 plus HST for CNLA members and $160 plus HST for non-members. CNLA members can take advantage of a special, limited-time offer and receive the online training, plus the study manual and shipping for only $75 plus HST.
For more information, contact CNLA at 1-888-446-3499, email certification@cnla-acpp.ca.

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For more details on the various industry certification programs, visit https://cnla.ca/learn/training-certification