May 12, 2015

Giving back to the London area community

Veterans Memorial Parkway project

volunteers planting trees beside the highway   volunteers planting trees on a slope beside the highway
Landscape Ontario members in the London area are pleased to honour the Canadian Armed Forces by taking an active role in the multi-phased Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program (VMPCP). In 2014, volunteers planted 600 trees and completed the Landscape Ontario Bravery Garden along the parkway featuring an engraved rock, planting and lighting installation. They look forward to completing another phase of the project this year.

The VMPCP is a partnership between the City of London, the community and local businesses. In 2014, the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association recognized the VMPCP with its Green for Life community award that recognizes projects that benefit the public by creating green spaces within a community.

For more information on this project or to donate click here.