July 15, 2012
Western Landscape Services of Elginburg, near Kingston, just launched its fifth annual Plant a Tree, Make our City Cool school program.

Since the program started, Western Landscape Services has delivered fun and educational sessions to 975 students in 29 schools in Kingston and area. Ten schools took part in the 2012 program, where students will learn how trees increase the quality of life in an urban forest.

During the 2012 growing season, a mature native tree will be planted with grade 6 elementary school students at each of ten schools. Students and their teachers learn and are engaged in planting a tree in their own school yard and how to nurture a tree once it is planted. Students put the new skill and appreciation for trees into practice by taking a seedling home to plant at a location of their choice.

The Western Landscape Services school program has contributed 1,050 trees and seedlings through the United Nations Environment Program, called Plant for the Planet:  Billion Tree Campaign. For the past four years, citizens from 193 countries joined forces to ‘work in unison to protect our climate and restore ecosystems, one tree at a time.’

Plant a Tree, Make our City Cool school program has been made possible with the valuable support of community partners. Trees were generously donated by Homestead Land Holdings of Kingston, and seedlings were donated by LO member Lorne Park Nurseries of Colbourne and Friends of Lemoine Point Nursery of Kingston.

“Inspiring children today will last for a century…… Let us all bring nature to our back yard to enable each and every one of us to understand how nature is a part of us – not for us,” says Carol VandenEngel, office manager of Western Landscape Services.