May 9, 2022
EIO Health and Safety Lunch and Learn May 17, 2022
Is your health & safety training up to date?

Join EIO experts and special guests for a quick run-through of compliant health and safety practices for 2022. Learn about mandatory training, what the Ministry of Labour might prioritize this year, and what your employees need most to feel confident at work.

Then, get answers to your own most-pressing health & safety questions with an open Q&A period with EIO’s panel.

Register for the Q&A here and submit your questions ahead of time.


Meet the experts:

Domenic Richichi
With three decades of human resources experience, Dom now leads the team of EIO experts as they redefine what “HR” means for their clients. Whether it’s implementing policies to reduce health & safety incidents, blending art and science to improve recruiting, or training leaders to better engage their teams, Dom is applying the “investment optimization” lens to every aspect of employee management.